Sunday, December 18, 2011

BDR Records Double Release Holiday Invitational!

The best record label in St Louis is proud to unleash two new fine pieces of the puzzle that is the early St Louis Punk/Wave scene... (ordering info at

1.The Retros-"Inner City Rockers-The Retros 1979" LP/CD
12 studio tracks recorded at Webster College in 1979 & never released until now. Fiery but melodic Punk tunes in the vein of the Buzzcocks, Generation X and the Boys. LP will include a CD with all the studio tracks plus bonus live tracks. The CD will also be available by itself in a very limited run...

2.Dear John-Frustrated Conversation 7" 30th Anniversary Re-release!

Criminally unknown Power-Pop gem recorded in 1981, this record existed only in the memories of a few St Louisans & the grubby mitts of a few Power Pop collectors the world over. Head John Bob Kuhlmann recently unearthed a batch of singles that had been in storage for thirty years & BDR has whipped up new covers with never-before seen photos & new liner notes. Limited to the 350 copies on hand....and the first 100 will even come with a download code to get more songs from their only recording session. Wow!

....and we're having a release party/show as well....bring the whole family!!


Off Broadway
3509 Lemp Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63118  
9:00-Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost
11:00-A Tribute To The RETROS,
featuring Bob Chekoudjian of the Retros, members of Bunnygrunt, & other famous St Louis Punk/Wave luminaries!

Plus special appearances by members of early St. Louis Punk bands The Camaros, Zanti Misfits and more!

ALL AGES! $8 21+, $11 21-

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BDR releases officially handled by Rerun Records!

Hey Kids! 

Rerun Records is now the official mailorder joint for all of your BDR Records needs! Tons more info to come, too!

Jason and Matt


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welders 2nd Pressing NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The Welders-s/t 4 song 7"ep

That's right kids The Welders smash hit 4 song 7"ep is available again! We sold out of all 500 copies of the first pressing, so we've done a second. 500 more copies with the same beautiful sleeve and fold out insert, but this time it's pressed on classic black vinyl. Heck, we're such nice guys that we've even decided (been able) to lower the price a bit. Since it cost less to do a second pressing, we're passing the savings on to you...for a limited time, anyway. It's so you poor kids can buy the record and still be kept in Top ramen and Meister Brau for at least one more day with your leftover loot.

Here are five reasons why you need The Welders EP whether you already own it already or not:

1. You've worn out your first copy and could use a new one.

2. Let's face it, you're a record geek super fan that must have every version of a record you dig.

3. You need a present that really shows you have good taste for a loved one, and who in their right mind wouldn't love a copy of this record?

4. Black wax means more visibility! DJ's that have trouble cueing colored vinyl in dark clubs can now rejoice with easy to cue black. With much of the fan base suffering from failing eyesight, they will now be able to place the needle on the second song of each side without having to also listen to the first.

5. It's been endorsed by Maximum Rock n Roll, Ugly Things, The Big Takeover, Henry Rollins and a whole buncha other swell radio stations, plus hundreds of teeny boppers from St. Louis and beyond! Don't you trust their opinion?

The Welders-s/t 4 song 7"ep

**All pricing includes postage and fees**
Paypal to: BDRrecords'at'

Single copy:
$7.00 U.S. - $9.00 Canada - $11.00 World

Two copies:
$12.00 U.S. - $14.00 Canada - $16.00 World

10 copies wholesale:
$45.00 U.S. - $50.00 Canada - $57.00 World

Don't forget we still have Test Patterns CDs as well as Raymilland-Recording's '78-'81 LP/CD & CDs for sale. Ask about package deals and wholesale rates. We are also always interested in trading with labels for similar reissue releases.

For info write:

Watch for Rerun Records and BDR Records
website and web store coming summer 2011!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Welders-7"ep is SOLD OUT!

Hi Kids and record buying public types-

If you've come here looking for info on how to order The Welders 7"ep....the first pressing is SOLD OUT. There may be a second pressing....and if there is, we'll post details the meantime, check these stores and distributors:

-Carrot Top (aka CTD) distributors - Chicago
-Subterranean Records/Distribution - San Francisco
-Permanent Records - Chicago store/mailorder
-NAT Records - Japan store/mailorder
-Record Shop Base - Japan store/mailorder
-Hyper Enough Records - Japan store/mailorder
-Underground Medicine - U.S. mailorder
-Bis Auf's Messer - German store/mailorder (has Raymilland in stock, too!)
-Goner Records - Memphis store/mailorder
....and at St. Louis record stores: Vintage Vinyl, Apop, Euclid Records and Phonomode!

BDR Records

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Welders on the cover of MRR!

The Welders were interviewed during the record release show this past summer. The interview was submitted to MRR, and much to our surprise...they even decided to put 'em on the cover of the new/February 2011 issue!
Today MRR, tomorrow the world!

We've been flooded with orders due to the recent, stellar reviews from Big Takeover, Terminal Boredom, MRR and others. Don't worry, we still have some copies left...but you'd better hurry! Mailorder info below...


**All pricing includes postage and fees**
Paypal to: bdrrecords'at'

The Welders 7"ep

$8.00 U.S. - $10.00 Canada - $12.00 World

V/A-Test Patterns CD $9.00 U.S. - $11.00 Canada - $12.00 World

Raymilland-Recordings '79-'81:
-CD Format $10.00 US - $12.00 Canada - $14.00 World
-LP/CD format: $16.00 U.S. - $19.00 Canada - $23.00 World

-Limited Time Combo Deals-

Combo #1: Welders 7" and V/A-Test Patterns CD
$15.00 US - $18.00 Canada/Mexico - $21.00 World

Combo #2: Welders 7", V/A-Test Patterns CD and Raymilland-Recordings '79-'81 CD format
$23.00 US - $26.00 Canada - $29.00 World

Combo #3: Welders 7", V/A-Test Patterns CD and Raymilland-Recordings '79-'81 LP/CD format
$28.00 US - $33.00 Canada - $40.00 World

**All pricing includes postage and fees**

Paypal to: bdrrecords'at'

For more info, wholesale rates, orders, questions or comments, please write: bdrrecords'at'

Jason and Matt

BDR Records - P.O. Box 19202 - St. Louis MO 63118-9202