Monday, March 7, 2011

The Welders-7"ep is SOLD OUT!

Hi Kids and record buying public types-

If you've come here looking for info on how to order The Welders 7"ep....the first pressing is SOLD OUT. There may be a second pressing....and if there is, we'll post details the meantime, check these stores and distributors:

-Carrot Top (aka CTD) distributors - Chicago
-Subterranean Records/Distribution - San Francisco
-Permanent Records - Chicago store/mailorder
-NAT Records - Japan store/mailorder
-Record Shop Base - Japan store/mailorder
-Hyper Enough Records - Japan store/mailorder
-Underground Medicine - U.S. mailorder
-Bis Auf's Messer - German store/mailorder (has Raymilland in stock, too!)
-Goner Records - Memphis store/mailorder
....and at St. Louis record stores: Vintage Vinyl, Apop, Euclid Records and Phonomode!

BDR Records